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March 15, 2017
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March 17, 2017
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One of them

There are universal criteria for both genders to evaluate each other. Generally speaking, the things that men are attracted to in a woman are her looks and personality, while at the same time women tend to value men’s level of success and outward appearance.

And while these criteria are interrelated and we could easily call them “two sides of the same coin”, one of the most significant differences between both genders is the “blacklist”. It basically means that a woman could completely ignore a great potential partner, based on her personal requirements for any corresponding man. On the other hand, almost all men do not have a “blacklist” and they simply are trying to impress the most attractive woman they have access to.


Having that said, “thinking like the opposite sex” for men simply means that they have a “blacklist” and the other way around: not having one for women (although this happens very rarely for both genders). According to our research, the approximate ratio worldwide is:

  • For men: 1:30000 (anomaly)
  • For women: 1:1500 (exception)


by Y-Photography and Megan Ink

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